Cara Tomlinson

Recent Artist Statement

I understand painting to be a moveable set of rules that I can elaborate on, hold fast to and extend. A painting is an object governed by a condensed historical, pictorial, and material language. My work builds on painting’s past through dialog with the long and varied tradition of modernist abstraction and the figurative tradition. One of the longest lasting questions in my career is how to represent the human and animal body from the perspective of being one. How can I create a symbolic form for my experience as a living body interacting with other bodies? Over the years I have created an evolving interchangeable alphabet of forms that are re-arranged and juxtaposed to explore the tensions between simplicity and complexity, order and entropy, and inside and outside. My most recent paintings from 2017 present bodies as verbs and processes, exploring heredity, digestion, vision, metabolism and sedimentation.