Cara Tomlinson

Statement for Apophenia


Apophenia (2010-13)


This work is about being a perceiving being—a being, an animal, subject to the rhythms and randomness of life. I generated the videos in states of attentive flow that often happens when we are caught in pattern that is on the edge of chaos—or chaos on the edge of pattern. The tension of the work lies in the human desire to create closure, create meaning from randomness. For most of us, the need to narrate and create a summary of experience is overwhelming. I use 17 looping videos to create an open collaboration with the viewer through juxtaposing rhythms and interruptions, blinks and flickers that recreates a state of being part of something that a single narration can’t close. The different loops of random length give different relationships of the video over each viewing—and while each video repeats, the rhythm and place in the stream is changed. Sean Regan produced the 18 min. looping sound piece accompanying the video by using arbitrary samples from the videos and running several other sounds through a broken digital player that randomly stuttered it and broke it up into rhythm. Some of the sound sources included Duchamp talking about language and dictionaries, Bach and Faust.